400 N. Ervay

Mini-Documentary Shows A Historic Building Put To Good Use

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The Brief

The courtroom where Bonnie and Clyde were tried and sentenced makes for a unique restoration project. Which is why, when approached by developer Todd Interests to help promote his recently purchased historic Courthouse, currently serving as a U.S. Post Office at 400 N. Ervay in downtown Dallas, we jumped at the opportunity.

Plans are to turn the building into a mixed-use space with an upscale grocery and bakery on the lower level, and exclusive 78 classic living spaces in the middle, each of which are the epitome of modern luxury living, and capped off by a sprawling, 20,000 square foot rooftop terrace.

Paying homage to its history, the landmark courtrooms make this property unlike any other residence in Dallas. Todd Interests is bringing an experience that, until now, was solely reserved for the likes of New York or Boston, and it’s just feet from the passenger rail.

Write the Next Century's Story for This Historic Address

With a six-month development plan, our job was to raise awareness. We knew that once the public was aware of the magnitude of this new project, they’d come running.

So, we landed on writing, filming, and producing a short film that could be distributed in a number of media, showcasing the elegant (and significant) past, and its bright future.

Our film went out to thousands of targeted potential residents. After all, we only needed to intrigue 78. For most people, this was the project’s introduction, and their first impression. We decided it needed to effectively present the future of the residence and development project, the film needed to be concise. Before setting out to capture footage, we knew we had three goals that were absolute:

Time. Keep it short. We needed to communicate a strong message and create an indelible impression in less than 90 seconds.

Fantasy. Provide an immersive experience for a place that doesn’t yet exist. Viewers need to envision the project complete, with themselves in it.

Fluidity. It’s a project in-the-works – an evolution. We wanted to stay away from static photos and instead use panoramic, moving shots to convey a sense of steady movement and growing space.

Telly Award for 300 N Ervay
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Telly Likes it

This mini-documentary won a Telly award, and yes, the image to the right was taken with Instagram.