Ablon @ Frisco Square

Branding a Community for Tech-Savy 20-Somethings

What it is

PegasusAblon, a well-respected real estate developer, wanted to create a multi-family property in Frisco, TX that would appeal to the millennial generation. You know, the iPhone, Gmail, Google+, Facebook, Bluetooth, text-faster-than-they-talk generation. It’s also the generation that uses these technologies and others in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, and who socialize 24/7/365.

And PegasusAblon wanted to create an environment where those behaviors aren’t just okay, they’re celebrated, even woven into the fabric of both marketing and mortar.

While PegasusAblon is quite capable of designing, building, managing, and occupying their new residence, they needed some fresh outside perspective on how to bring their desired emotional qualities to life with a brand campaign.

How it Happened

Aria was initially contracted to create digital marketing, and stop there. However, through a series of initial interviews and discovery sessions, it became apparent that we “got it” and had much more to offer. And so the story of Ablon @ Frisco Bridges began.

What we ended up working on was a turn-key brand solution. From name and logo, to tagline, lexicon, collateral, staff dress, and an iPad website and kiosk.

What we Did

The Name

the name itself, Ablon @ Frisco Bridges was determined with Aria’s guidance to be a viable platform for their fledgling endeavor, as well as future projects already planned. The word Ablon is derived from the parent company’s name, PegasusAblon. The use of the @ symbol serves two purposes. 1) it tells you it’s an Ablon property located in a specific geographic area, and 2) cements the name in the language of the target generation.

The Brand 

We approached the brand design understanding that we aren’t beholden to traditional media. With the proliferation of technology, and its rapid adoption by our target market, we felt it appropriate to create a 3-dimensional logo that could only be produced in 4 colors. And we wanted to treat the logo as a physical object, so we placed it in its own environment and explored its interaction with that environment during different simulated parts of the day (and night).

We wanted to infuse all aspects of the brand with a welcoming but snarky, technologically-savvy but approachable attitude. All of the language used to convey even the simplest messages were crammed full of personality.

The brand was so much about the complexity of today’s lifestyle offered by the property that we chose to focus on that dynamic in our tagline: Enjoy.Life.Style. The three-part tagline gives you a clear sense of the intentions of the environment. It works to explain itself as a set, or individually.


Working hand-in-hand with staff and Modern Message (a multi-family residence marketing technology firm), we created messaging across platforms that would evoke “hah!” moments, and would drive our target to engagements where they could win Apple gift cards and even 6-months free rent.


The website serves as both a traditional marketing outlet, as well as the on-site kiosk. Designed to work specifically on an iPad, the website further ingrains our desire to connect with the millennial generation.

How's it working out?

The brand is fully implemented, the property is on its way to full occupancy, and Aria and PegasusAblon are on to another branded project. The reception to the brand has been overwhelmingly positive (within the target market of course), and has started to become a household name within the Frisco lifestyle space.

You can of course go see the place for yourself at 3150 Avenue of the Stars Frisco TX 75034.

Or schedule a tour by calling 972 377 3150.