Arlington CVB

Arlington: Treading New Ground with Tourist-Magnet Events

The Brief

We firmly believe that events are one of the most effective and impactful brand-message tools destinations have in their arsenal. They are tactile, immersive, and experiential in ways almost no other marketing medium makes possible. We also believe that physical experience should be a large part of any destination’s truly memorable brand strategy.

So, when Arlington, Texas—already known as the home of Cowboys Stadium®, Rangers Ballpark®, Six Flags Over Texas® and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor®—asked Aria to develop a strategy to bring attention to their myriad other destinations, we jumped at the challenge.

The initial thought was that, clearly these mega-attractions throw a large shadow, and it can be really tough for smaller venues and attractions to get any sizable public attention… right?

Not exactly. Our extensive research and analysis tells a more complex story. We were able to provide recommendations to give Arlington ownable, city-sponsored events.

Know who you want, and what's going to get them there

Our assessment began with a demographic study of the 50-Mile Market. However, our research indicated that asking people to drive more than 20 miles was unrealistic. So we narrowed our market and cross-tabulated those results with a PRIZM analysis for those zip codes. As a result, we were able to “see” Arlington’s primary market, identifying not just who they were (age-race-income-marital status), but what motivates them to action (interests, tastes, and spending patterns).

Fully armed with these results, we sampled 500 Arlington residents within these zip codes to solicit individual feedback, and simultaneously introduce them to the idea that new CVB-sponsored events would be on the horizon.

Location, Location, Location! And… Time of Year, Event Type, and a Thousand Other Tiny Details

As part of our exercise, we performed a comparative analysis of more than 100 community-organized events throughout North Texas. We categorized them by time of year, location, venue, and event type to uncover opportunities City of Arlington might fill. We were looking for “right-fits” that also don’t duplicate or directly compete with events in neighboring communities.

Understanding the competitive landscape, the demographic and psychographic profiles of likely event goers, and selecting the right venues in light of geography, accessibility, capacity, infrastructure, and parking were all essential to the process.

See what we did there?

The result was a comprehensive report and accompanying presentation that outlays recommendations—which we believe have a high degree of likely success—for viable event types, calendar slots, and venues.

Plans are currently in the works to implement some of our recommendations.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there. Come find us. We’ll be wearing the “Aria Done It” t-shirts.