Carrollton Festival

Creating A Festival Experience To Be Proud Of

‍Style frame used in concepting the festival brand

The Brief

When Dallas-Fort Worth’s seventh largest city needed expert help to conceive, brand, and produce a make-or-break, signature event, they called on Aria. From the get-go, our aim was to set Carrollton’s apart from the hundreds of me-too festivals and fairs that vie for DFW’s attention each year. From selection of a strategic and unique venue, to standout branding, to painstaking attention to every design detail, we ensured that this would be more than just another dadgum corndog festival.

The Approach

Site the event smack-dab in the middle of the century-old downtown square instead of a park. Name the festival for the dirty, dusty, railyard. Invent a larger-than-life character to tie in with the railroad theme and build a legend around him (and his dog). Aggressively pursue heard-it-all-before, ain’t-interested-till-the-2nd-year sponsor types. Mix and pour.

‍Festival-goers enjoying the Polyphonic Spree

Launching a Legend

What do you do if there is no lore? Invent it, of course! The Legend of Railroad Roy and Traxx could be true if it were, but it isn’t — is it? His life spent on the rails, our bigger than life hero called Carrollton home whenever the train stopped there.

‍The legend of Railroad Roy takes life online

Raising Sponsorships

It’s the old pig-in-a-poke thing. People won’t buy if they can’t see it. And they can’t see what hasn’t happened yet… even if you do “the motions!” But $172,000 in sponsorships later, we felt we’d done really well for a first time festival in a recession.

The Campaign

To draw a crowd to a first-year event in a City that doesn’t do events: make ticket prices no-brainer low; offer big name talent folks normally pay $20+ to see; give kids tons of games and rides free all day… add beer… then point!

Some people guess. We ask. We polled potential festival goers on their preferences. BTW — most chose the white shirt, the railroad cap, the wooden whistle, and the plush puppy. So, guess what? We knew just what to order.

In addition to online preference polling, at the event we did a text-to-vote battle of the bands contest and simulcast all the performances, the crowd interaction, and plugs for our sponsors on multiple jumbotrons throughout the venue.

‍Samples of campaign collateral


  • ‍Great reviews
  • $172,000 in sponsorships
  • 10,382,408 estimated impressions in DFW
  • Successful collaboration with DART and other key sponsors
  • 275% month-to-month growth in new Facebook likes