Dallas Design District

Brand & Digital Strategy For The Dallas Design District

Dallas Design District Cube Logo
‍Various permutations of the Design Logo Cube

Come on baby, Let's Make it So

Located in Dallas’ Lower Oak Lawn area, the Dallas Design District is the hotbed of art culture, fine dining, and gallery exploration in Dallas. Aria was contacted by the organization to create a digital brand that would serve as a backdrop for the various events, openings, gallery showings, and general art ephemera that takes place within its geographical and practical bounds.

Dallas Design District Logo Alternatives
Various version of the Design District logo presented

Beating the Digital Brand Drum

The Dallas Design District brand is capstoned by a beautiful art sculpture, which spells out the words “Design” and “District”. We thought it appropriate, maybe even righteous—since this is a prominent, recognizable landmark—to leverage this look in the digital brand we were charged to design.

We created a number of alternatives to solve the problem: how do we translate this physical structure to a usable digital representation. Ultimately, the client chose a representation that we all felt would work well on the new website, across social channels, as well as in traditional media.

DallasDesignDistrict.com on iPad
The website on iPad.

To The Internets, James!

With a solid direction on the logo, we aimed for the stars on the website. We wanted something that is dynamic, responsive, gives you just enough information at every touchpoint, has great SEO potential, and is easy for the client to manage… that’s not too much to ask, right?

DallasDesignDistrict.com on iPhone
The website on iPhone

Obviously, with a laundry list of wants and needs, and a framework (we chose the oh-so-lovely and easy-to-use Foundation Framework by Zurb) we set out on our design task. Through our entire creative phase, we posted these words up on all of our desks: Desktop + Tablet + Mobile = 100%.

Built on WordPress, with a ton of enhancements and customizations (of course, never to the Core), we created an easy-to-update, mobile-friendly, cross browser, cross device, location-aware mammoth, all centered on the art-driven content published by the organization.

DallasDesignDistrict.com on Mac
Tthe website on desktop computers

The Results Are In

The underlying focus that laced every decision during design and buildout was on, first, usability and second, data. We all wanted to be able to look at behaviors and make truly informed decisions moving forward. From that viewpoint, here’s some of the data we think shows real progress — year-over-year:

  • ‍55% increase in site visits
  • 58% increase in organic search traffic
  • 210% increase in direct traffic

The Start of A Beautiful Friendship

It was a real pleasure working with the staff at The Dallas Design District, who put their best and brightest on the job. You’ll see the DNA of Aria and the Dallas Design District all over this digital property. We’re proud of what we built together. Check it out for yourself at dallasdesigndistrict.com.