Denton CVB

200 Seconds Is All It Takes

No Words Necessary

We Captured All The Vibrancy, Comfortability And Unique Personality Of Denton, Texas With A Killer New Micro-Documentary


Those that know, just love Denton. It’s an eclectic college town that has much more to offer then what we can show on a simple website or visitor’s guide. It has live music and unforgettable independent events. It has horse country saddled with (yes, pun…) a free-thinking college vibe. Denton is the type of place you have to visit to “get.”

But, how do you show all of that quickly, without losing the attention of the A.D.D. generation?


Simple. Hand-craft a 3-minute video that showcases the people and places of Denton, conjuring the community spirit on screen.

The shooting schedule was hectic. Denton has a lot to offer and we had just three days to cover it. Cinco de Mayo weekend was around the corner, and we needed to capture as much footage as possible.

We decided that throughout the year we would continue to shoot other events in town so we can create an ever-evolving story. Effectively we’re building a visual resource library for Denton, which can be used for quite some time.

At the project’s completion, we had our video plus more than four hours of excellent B-roll.


The video has received almost 10,000 online views, appeared on 43 different domains, and has been seen in 81 countries in just over two months.

“What has been so rewarding to me is the positive reaction the video has received. From online comments to people I’ve spoken with, the emotional connection played out wonderfully. When people tell you after watching the video: “That’s Denton. That’s how it feels.” it confirms my belief that emotion is what brings people to a place – more than any facts or hard information.” – Mikon Haaksman, Principal, Video & Production Services, Aria