EDU Games

StartUp EDU Games, Roles The Dice With A Big App Gamble

The Brief

EDU Poker iPhone UI

When EDU Games founder John DeWitt conceived the idea for EDUPoker — the first App in a planned suite — in early 2011, he believed it was a solid idea, and was willing to put his money where his mouth was. He had one big problem, he didn’t know where to start.

EDUPoker is a fresh-off-the-press iOS game that caters to the über-competitive college and alumni crowd. The free app was released in late January. It’s designed to encourage college rivalry by pitching head-to-head Texas Hold’em battles all over the world.

The twist? You play under the banner of your favorite school, and win or lose, it counts for — or against — your comrades.

A Well-Played Hand Is A Beautiful Thing

Aria was tasked with the design of the entire user interface, game flow, and documentation, while John focused on finding the right development partner, and making sure its features were implemented to desired result. He effectively turned the keys over to Aria for creative and game-play design, and let the firm’s experienced team of designers and user experience architects drive the look and feel of this first-of-its-kind iPhone app.

A tale of complex simplicity, we wanted to design something easy to use, so that players would be able to just pick up the app and start playing, while at the same time we also had to design with the full EDU Games suite in mind… all in the framework of an iPhone screen’s resolution.

Our Approach

EDU Poker UI (Win)

Create multiple UI designs that were paper-tested across tech and non-tech savvy participantsRefine each design to be as user-centric as possibleSelect a final design based on feedback from players, and hand to the development teamContinue testing to remove superfluous design elements and create efficiency — make it better, and better, and better

About EDUPoker

Play Texas Hold’em head-to-head against players from other colleges for free. You are playing for more than just virtual chips — you are playing for the very honor of your school… no pressure.

Sit down at the table and be automatically matched against universities around the world. After you bust them out of the game, check out the leader board to see your university’s chip count move past your rival, then trash talk though social media. Whether you are a student, alumni, or faculty, sign in and join in the competition.