A Brand In The Pursuit Of Glory

The Project

THE PURSUIT OF GLORY — a fitting tagline for a new sports retail/training/nutrition/recovery concept targeted at the ultra-popular—and ever growing—triathlon market.

What We Did

FirstWave Logo

Aria was engaged to create a brand program for FirstWave, an athlete improvement concept with a big-brand cultural vision. We accepted the challenge to create a brand big enough to compliment the concept, starting with a logo/tagline combo.

Playing off the three core services offered by the brand—training, nutrition, and recovery—we created a stylized F split into three horizontal lines, cut at 45 degree angles, and framed in a brightly colored box. Followed by the words FirstWave in all caps, but with varied weights.

FirstWave Logo Guide

What Was Built

The tagline “the Pursuit of Glory” speaks to the audience’s almost supernatural devotion to their sport. Triathlons aren’t for the weekend warrior or summer soldier. These athletes hit it hard, all day, every day for that golden moment of accomplishment. This tagline is designed to elicit the emotions felt during that moment when they’re tempted to quit, and all the reasons not to keep going run through their mind. The Pursuit of Glory is why they push through.

Collateral was produced to match the ethos of the core components of the brand. From color choices, to layout, every decision that was made was done to put the viewer in the mindset of the actions that lead to greatness.

FirstWave Brand Collateral

All About Image

And no sports brand is complete without a set of stunning visuals. Working in collaboration with Jonathan Zizzo, we shot (at night, in pitch black) three athletes doing what they do best.

Since we didn’t have an exotic world-travel budget, we decided to shoot all three athletes at night, and composite them into computer generated scenes. From raw photos, we created background plates with a combination of photographs and 3D rendered elements, creating a unique look for a series of FirstWave branded images.

Video shows a deconstruction of the process employed to create this series of images. Play it. Share it.

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All-in-all, from the logo to the look, tagline to the copy, this brand screams extreme athletic commitment.