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Preparing For The 150 Year Anniversary Of Kappa Alpha Order

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Kappa Alpha Order engaged Aria to create a whole new suite of digital marketing assets across traditional websites and social media to engage its massive active and alumni audiences as well as prospective future members.

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Kappa Alpha Order, one of America’s preeminent men’s fraternities, has been a long-time client and partner with Aria. Ryan Thompson, Aria’s Founder and CEO, is in fact a KA member. Founded on the principles of integrity, chivalry, and honor, the fraternity is renowned for turning out men of relevance and distinction.

So when Aria was asked to reimagine KA’s online presence to reflect those values and the resulting men whose profiles inspire the next generation, we were honored to participate.

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Kappa Alpha Order has many online platforms it uses to communicate with its impressive membership—numbering north of 100,000—on a minute-by-minute basis with rich, engaging messages. Relevant, inspiring, motivating content has never been KA’s issue. The way in which it has been delivered on the other hand, has.

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Aging technology implementations, and a lack of coherence across platforms were the core problems we were trying to solve. The old websites weren’t responsive to the enormous mobile traffic—for 2014, mobile and tablet account for nearly 40% of all traffic. KA was increasingly receiving and managing content across multiple web management solutions and social media channels and the process was too cumbersome for efficient brand management and audience engagement.

We began by collectively deciding to redesign and redevelop two of KA’s core websites—kappaalphaorder.org and loyalorder.org—each having its own distinct purpose and audience—employing the same technology at the base, with a unifying navigation bar across the top that allows users to quickly navigate back and forth between properties.


KA’s member and alumni site, KappaAlphaOrder.org, was our starting point. We knew we wanted a fresh design, but one that pays tribute to the legacy of the fraternity through its aesthetic approach. The creative process led us to a layout that was based on a 12-column grid, was responsive to any screen size, but maintained a gravitas fitting the organization and its mission.


The End (Of This Chapter, Not The Full Story)


Years of success for Aria and KA have culminated in an effort to promote KA’s 150th year anniversary. With a concerted marketing effort, Aria and KA created a specialized landing page which showcases a video we produced for the anniversary, a timeline of events throughout KA history, and a calendar providing key information on events happening at both a national and local level.

We’re proud to play the part we do with Kappa Alpha Order, and look forward to a continued collaboration, bringing in and raising up men of honor.