Brand Redesign, Refresh, Refinement


PegasusAblon Brand Audit

PegasusAblon, a Dallas-based real estate development company, and long-time Aria client.


A brand refresh. Not a redesign, but a refinement to make sure that all those little details shine, pop, and leave an indelible impression.


When you’re going up against Goliath, you want the smoothest stones, the surest sling, and great aim.

PegasusAblon Brand Standard Guide

The Project

PegasusAblon Logo Choice

PegasusAblon had a memorable logo, tagline, and general look to their visual communications. And they worked. They were fine, and the client was doing well with it. In fact, they’d been growing, and subsequently gaining a lot of attention.

So when we were asked to evaluate and apply their image across a large portfolio of branded assets, some small details caught our attention that we felt could be improved upon—refinements to tighten, polish, and push their brand over the proverbial top.

We believe that (and have seen) with the right amount of attention to detail, a great brand operates equally powerfully in both the conscious and subconscious mind. The first impression impacts conscious perception and (hopefully) makes the viewer sit up and pay attention. The details—every minute decision of relative proportion, exact hue, tone and color combination, the curve of each letter—subtleties you’d only notice with a magnifying glass—take hold and imprint a perception of what that brand represents to the viewer.

With the top management at PegasusAblon, we presented a rationale which detailed our findings. Everything from the spacing between each letter pair in the name, to the specific weights of the two words, to the shape, relative size, exact angle, spacing between, and color of the wings over the logotype was refined, and baked into an updated, forward-looking vision for our client.With the go-ahead from PegasusAblon’s top brass, we spent hours zooming in and out, printing sub-pixel level changes, poring over color swatches and going back and forth between subtle changes in color temperature. Ultimately we landed on a solid recommendation of changes that, while subtle, made a huge impact on the overall reception of the logo.

The Devik's in the Details (And The Future, Too)

With client approval, we began to work out a guideline that would provide sufficient creative latitude for the design professionals who would be using it years into the future, yet retain the integrity of the refinements made.

Ultimately, you can see our work pasted across every branded touchpoint our client puts out there, and when you do, you’ll be left with the undeniable impression that PegasusAblon is committed to every single detail.

PegasusAblon Full Audit