The Lord Nut Levington

Lord Nut Levington: The Marketing Campaign

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The Beginning

Lord Nut Levington is the leader of the taste revolution. With an ever present smirk and trademark mustache, he has traveled the world in search of unique flavors and tastes. He is steadfast in his battle against bland. He is the man behind the nut.

The Lord Nut Levington brand of nut-based products uses the Lord Nut character to capture consumers’ imaginations and engage their taste buds. Lord Nut’s unique line of highly seasoned peanuts are inspired by his experiences and many flavor expeditions. The current product line includes flavors like Rebel Mary, a fiery peanut with spicy Bloody Mary flavor and lemon, celery and pepper spices, and El Cheddarales, a bold flavor profile of cheddar cheese and jalapeno. landing page

The Middle

We first met the Lord Nut team in early 2011, and we instantly knew they were a kindred spirit.  This is a company that understands the importance of protecting and managing the brand experience. They got it. They come to market with a top-level, storytelling brand, and that is Aria’s approach to any marketing effort — it’s about the experience consumers have with a brand.

This is how all great love stories begin.

‍A series of ads for

The End

We created a campaign to bring the Lord Nut Levington products to market and cement the personality of the brand with the public at-large.

We kicked off the campaign with a slick ad series giving a tease and making you question just who is the man behind the mask.

To add some spice… yeah, we had to go there… we created a home-style video collection — produced for an online audience — which drives you to a landing page that gives you just a little bit more.


All-in-all, we love this brand and its genius (maybe a bit crazy too) founder and team. If you’re interested in a tasting, come by Aria HQ, or go to to find them in stores near you.