Valley International Airport

First-Class Status: Upgrading Valley International Airport

After the brand was developed for Valley International Airport, the next step was to integrate the brand throughout every channel possible to thoroughly establish it and create buzz, as well as build awareness of the airport and our key destination and carrier messages delivered to the right audiences through an advertising campaign. 

The Atkins Group helped Valley International Airport understand the first step to establishing the brand was living it. There was opportunity to upgrade the interior and exterior environmental branding within the airport to help do just that. 

Outside, a powerful visual voice was created for the monument sign, airport parking pole banners were installed with airport concessions messaging and logo treatments added to vehicles. 

Inside, décor upgrades were made to match overall color scheme, directional signage was crafted and installed and the VIP room entrance was redesigned to provide an impactful visual of the branding.

The advertising campaign consisted of a comprehensive collateral system, new web design, print advertising and branded out of home messaging incorporating destination messaging.

The result was the increased awareness of Valley International Airport and the establishment of a brand that extended through all touchpoints effectively representing the experience of flying Valley International Airport.