Viva Aerobus

Case Study: Viva Aerobus

The Challenge

Introduce a new airline flying from Austin to Monterrey and Cancun. New concept “no frills” at rock bottom prices. The airline had to be positioned as “cheap” but legitimate. Portray an element of fun and friendliness. Connect with the consumer on a grass roots level. Butts in seats.

The Strategy

Who is the target and what would motivate them to purchase? How far would people actually travel to take advantage of a $9.99 flight? What percent of consumers held passports within the geographic marketing area? Utilized a combination of the following to determine the answers including: census data, Simmons, Scarborough, Media Audit, identified a variety of targets, college students, business travelers, visiting family, and vacationers-both Hispanic and general market. Determined travel distance was within 150 mile radius of Austin, TX, Market tiering of media budget and mediums for best return on investment. A small amount of potential consumers held passports because the requirements for international travel had just changed. 

Determined consumer’s media consumption patterns: high usage of online, high usage of out-of-home, medium to high usage of broadcast, low usage of newspaper, buying/negotiating. As negotiations began, we invited each medium to meet with us so they would understand the brand and create promotions and added value that would relate to the targets.

An atmosphere of competition and partnership with the media groups was promoted-the most creative promotions with the highest return on investment would be selected: television and radio, general market and Hispanic in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and College Station, Online, Newspaper sites, Spanish language sites, generational sites, E-mail blasts, Out-of-Home, Bulletins, Bus Kings, Street Ambassadors, Lunch Trucks, 8 Sheets, Health Club Panels, Taxi-backs and Airport Dioramas, Print, Newspaper ads, Added value, On-air Sponsorships On-air promotional giveaways (airline tickets), Sweepstakes with Street Ambassadors, Flyer distribution, Club Nights, Flyaway contests, Concerts, Online events calendars, Bonus Spots, and Promo Bank.


The Atkins Group delivered an integrated media plan to reach the variety of target audiences and acquired added value worth $1.04M which equated to 110% ROI for VivaAerobus. Through our media efforts the goal of creating a “buzz” was accomplished creating brand awareness for the new airline. The ticket sales goal was surpassed by 37% within the first 30 days of the grand opening. Overall VivaAerobus was able to maintain their ticket sales to the Cancun destination. And later was able to add Puerto Vallarta.