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The Woodlands gets an online makeover with a visitor focus.

The Problem

The Woodlands CVB, charged with promoting The Woodlands, Texas—Houston’s best known exurb—was in desperate need of help with their website. Google Analytics revealed lack of user engagement, poor usability, and painfully sluggish load times. TAG thought they deserved better.

The Solution

With nearly half the traffic at originating from smartphones or tablets, TAG proposed a mobile-first strategy. Instead of a new desktop version “tweaked” to be mobile-friendly, this new site would be designed from the ground up optimized for mobile: quick, with streamlined navigation and a simple, intuitive interface. Instead of the usual visually overwhelming desktop version, the big screen experience would be clean, simple, and a joy to use.

The Results

The tiles-based layout makes all site content instantly recognizable and accessible. Each post features its own stunning visual, concise caption, and call to action. Visitors now stay on the site longer and explore more of its offerings—the holy grail for any destination marketing organization.


Pulling a live social feed so visitors using the hashtag “VisitTheWoodlands,” can view their social posts in real time on the site, lending crowd-sourced credibility that no paid ad or promotion can match.

The 24x7 “concierge” chat portal enables users to ask questions of the CVB team and get quick answers from someone actually in the know.

An interactive map with The Woodlands’ six, distinct areas color-coded, enables visitors to instantly “connect the dots” between what interests them and its location by simply matching the activity or amenity color with its corresponding district color.

The Woodlands CVB can change out or update all site information and visuals on the site quickly, painlessly, and at will. No “expert” web developer is required, thanks to the excellent content management system foundation it’s built on.

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