Part 5: 4 Things Destination Marketing Can Learn From The Best Corporate Brands

This is part 5 — Bonus Round!. Check out part 1 in which we discuss the quantitative and qualitative value of your brand, part 2 in which we discuss why you should spend the money and trust the experts, part 3 in which we discuss why it’s important to tell your story, and part 4 in which we discuss the importance of protecting your brand.

Bonus Round


In researching this series, we came across a number of funny, entertaining content surrounding the topic of branding. Below is a list of some of our favorites.

The big boys lose their minds on occasion too. Here’s a fantastic list of really big brands making really bad mistakes.

Think about a great tagline that tells the story in a few short words. Survey results published last year by TaglineGuru estimated that around 80 percent of cities with more than 25,000 people have or are actively trying to develop a tagline or motto. Here’s the most memorable from a poll taken a few years ago.

Stick it out. Creating a great, memorable brand takes time and is a long-term investment. “Reading Rainbow first went on the air in 1983. 31 years later, the brand raised $1 million from fans overnight. Brand ROI takes both time and discipline. Often, our organizations are prone to measure likes, follows, donations, and market share because they’re easy short term wins. It’s much harder to measure things like truth, integrity, and affinity which are long-term qualities. We can choose to neglect these qualities, focus on the short-term, and eventually kill our organizations in the process, or work harder to become one of those rare brands that reach sustainability.”

5 pillars to good customer service/experience.

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June 27, 2014