Like many, I’m tired of hearing about Millennials – a traditional, yet mostly digital native consumer. Maybe, this is because I am one. Hands on a cellphone at 13. Playing with MySpace overlay layouts by 15. Texting instead of dialing a friend by 18. And, well, you get the gist of it.

Despite the overuse of the term, Millennials still have some time left in the spotlight; however, rest assured, Gen Z is not far behind in the conversation. Heck, they spend more time online than I do, and I’m online. A lot. Here’s what we can expect from the next generation on deck:

Online Purchasing Behavior

With each new generation comes new consumer behaviors and plenty of reasons to support those behaviors. For example:

Try before you buy. Millennials didn’t put too much of a dent into the clothing market digitally, but they did pave the way. Gen Z trends already begin to show trying on clothing before purchasing is less important. In fact, more than half (61%) said they prefer to buy from online retailers that have a brick and mortar.  

Social Media Use

Gen Z has a ton of love for Snapchat. Of those surveyed, it was the resounding winner for most actively used platform among their social groups. Also, not too far behind:

Instagram –  Gen Z relies heavily on direct messaging and visuals from followers and friends.

Twitter – Gen Z likes getting messages out into the world quickly without looking spammy. Notably, you can’t update your thoughts on Facebook as often without getting hidden from your peers’ newsfeed.

Facebook Messenger – 80% of those surveyed said they use Facebook Messenger in conjunction with iMessage and other SMS platforms. They also noted not using Snapchat text. Notice Facebook Messenger, the standalone app, was at the top of the Gen Z list – not Facebook. The most common reason for its absence is simple – parents.

New Digital Consumer

This is how Gen Z consumes digital media:

Netflix dominates the entertainment realm amongst this generation, followed by Hulu – slightly less preferred due to commercials.

Over half of users 8-18 preferred streaming television to all other types of media.

Twitter, Tumblr, and Snapchat are the main sources of gathering information for Gen Z.

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October 11, 2016