Will These 4 Destinations Continue to Woo their Travelers through Snapchat?

A look inside building new social networks when audiences are already strong on other platforms.

Now that talk of Instagram Stories has died down, let’s get back to an article that was published on July 6 discussing major U.S. cities (and states) growing their Snapchat presence.

Before Instagram released it’s borrowed idea from Snapchat a few weeks ago, cities (and states) were trying to grow their visual presence on Instagram into an interactive presence on Snapchat.

For cities like Dallas, which are “blue donut holes” in Texas among a politically conservative “red” state – there is an attempt to show LGBT travelers just how LGBT friendly Dallas is through their Snapchat campaign, on the city's first Snapchat channel.

On a similar front, Philadelphia invited its citizens to participate in a Snapchat campaign that allowed everyone to showcase what is to be expected if someone chooses to visit. They invited the public to model for Visit Philadelphia, had a celebrity chef appearance, and did a few tours of select areas.

Los Angeles
In an extension to continue to show the world just how great all of the food and entertainment offerings are in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board continued their partnership with Elite Daily on the city’s Snapchat channel.

Okay, so it’s not a city – but who said a state can’t join in on the strategic thinking? Oregon gave potential tourists, and locals alike, a sneak peak at paid promotions before they were released, as well as shooting videos about wines from the region.

Do cities and states need to continue in this direction with Snapchat when their Instagram followings are already in the thousands?

@VisitDallas 23.1K
@VisitPhilly 96.4K
@DiscoverLA 319K
@TravelOregon 170K

Now that Instagram Stories is available, it might be time to rethink putting so much effort into Snapchat.

With no additional opt-in, like on Snapchat, viewership and direct messages to Instagram accounts have already increased substantially since the launch a few weeks ago.

Even with the lack of puppy filters available on Instagram Stories, brands have already sought opportunity to get creative with sneak peaks for product launches, and a day-in-the-life – which by all means is what cities and brands have been attempting to do with Snapchat.

Truly, Snapchat is a great platform, and if you already have a large audience there, it should continue to be fostered – but for those who are still working on growing that audience, is it truly worth it? Instagram has been one of the best platforms for almost every industry, even amidst the paid advertisements rising in our feeds.

Have thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear them.

As always, check out the original AdWeek article from just over a month ago.

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August 18, 2016