[TRENDS] December 2016: DIRECTV Now, Facebook Add-ons, Waze Marketing & more

Welcome back to Trends, The Atkins Group's curated periodical on marketing topics for travel and tourism professionals. In this final 2016 edition, we see how AT&T is joining the streaming service game, new Facebook additions that look very familiar and the top marketing campaigns on the popular mobile app, Waze.

AT&T Joins The Streaming Service Industry with DIRECTV NOW

AT&T launches a new TV streaming service for cord cutters. Is DIRECTV NOW the beginning of the new wave of television viewing for all audiences?

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Facebook Makes Another Jab at Snapchat

Facebook released a new navigation that looks similar to Snapchat Discover, but let’s face it – this isn’t the first time the social media giant has tried to even the playing field with it’s fastest growing competitor.

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Best Waze Campaigns of 2016

The best Waze campaigns of 2016. Mobile targeting at its finest.

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