[TRENDS] October 2016: UGC, Gen Z, Bots & more

Welcome back to Trends, The Atkins Group's curated periodical on marketing topics for travel and tourism professionals. In this edition, we share our view on user-generated content, Gen Z media habits and what's coming up with Facebook Messenger.

User Generated Content - Our Point of View

UGC is replacing disruptive advertisements on major social media platforms — such as Facebook and Instagram — for a more native approach, utilizing (mostly visual) content that is honest, and natural: content that belongs, not advertising.

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Noteable Articles

The Rise of Gen Z, Make way Millennials

Despite the overuse of the term, Millennials still have some time left in the spotlight; however, rest assured, Gen Z is not far behind in the conversation. Heck, they spend more time online than I do, and I’m online. A lot. Here’s what we can expect.

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The Next Big Disruption: Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger is climbing to be the most used messaging platform. As Facebook introduces bots to communicate with users, brands are quickly realizing what to and how to do with this new automated platform.

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