TAG and the 2020 Election

March 30, 2021

Bexar County Votes

Coyotes on Zoom. Hand sanitizer cameos.
And a critical election.

March 30, 2021

We’ve had an opportunity to work on some important issues for our state and our region, including the Children’s Hospital and the Census, and one of our favorites was working with Bexar County on the Voter Outreach Campaign.

Before we finished with the 15 million dollar, 3 week Texas census campaign (full story of that effort here), we had another highly sensitive, political, critical, fast-paced opportunity arrive in the agency.

Bexar County had a challenge faced by so many election officials across the country: how to communicate pandemic safe voting options for residents. Given the opportunity to serve as their agency for this effort, our team dove in with research, buying power, and creative.

Not sure how we got the “will do great work with insane deadlines” rep, but we’re all about it now.

The numbers tell one story: we delivered over 21 million impressions (10% above planned levels), negotiated a 32% return on media investment with $70 thousand in bonus media exposure. Digital platforms over delivered by 130% and thanks to great work by our media team, we delivered 3.6 million added value exposure. We delivered more than a million impressions organically on Facebook alone.

Coyote Call Out

Tough to beat the Coyote for a fun and engaging partner for early voting.

The other part of the story was our message – and our messengers. Being creative in a pandemic means, well, being creative. 

It means filming the Coyote in a google meeting instead of in person. 

It means finding photos in our archives that effectively convey the importance of voting as well as all the precautions being taken  – without being onsite. 

It means using out-takes for fun social content. 

It means relentlessly bringing home a straightforward message: Voting is safe, easy, and important.

In the end, we delivered a critical message at a critical time using every tool – savvy media buying, the power of our agency trading desk, effective creative, a large coyote: all driven by data analytics from the start.

We’re hooked on working on municipal and state-wide projects. Just wait till we tell you what we’ve got brewing — in Tennessee.

The Work

Radio spots. Digital ads. Organic and paid social.
And a large Coyote.