St. David’s HealthCare

Overall brand awareness and top of mind unaided awareness of St. David’s HealthCare has increased 4.5%, with a 4% drop in awareness of the primary regional competitor since we launched “The Best is Here” brand campaign.

Brand Introduction Campaign

Testimonial Campaign

Brand Evolution Campaign

UT Partnership Campaign

Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Within the first two years of work together, the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and its parent hospital system, CHRISTUS Health, saw its highest level of pediatric preference and awareness in years in the San Antonio region.

Introductory Campaign

Portrait Campaign

Testimonial Campaign

Christus Southeast
Texas Health System

What started as a simple idea to brand frequent service line seminars has strategically evolved into one of the largest healthcare affinity programs of its kind in Southeast Texas. This platform allows for women to connect through relevant content, information and events uniquely tailored to its 43,000+ members.

Live Well

UT Health Science Center

 After introducing the “We make lives better” brand campaign awareness of the UTHSCSA brand increased over 300%, philanthropic outreach successfully achieved 142% increase, and web visitation increased by 800%.